The Power of Language

Labeling someone as having “special needs” diminishes their inherent worth and humanity. It carries with it an underlying implication that we are somehow different, separate, and in need of special treatment. But let me be clear: we are not “special needs.” We are individuals with unique abilities, strengths, and dreams. We are human beings deserving of respect, dignity, and equal opportunities.

We often find ourselves caught in a web of self-doubt and insecurities. We face countless challenges in a world that often fails to accommodate our diverse needs and perspectives. The weight of society’s expectations presses down on us, making us question our worth and contribution. And in this struggle, the term “special needs” only exacerbates our feelings of inadequacy, reinforcing the notion that we are burdens rather than valuable members of society.

In 2017, a powerful video titled “Not Special Needs” was created by Coor Down for World Down Syndrome Day. This poignant video dares to defy the prevailing stereotypes and shed light on the fact that we, as human beings, have the same fundamental needs, regardless of our abilities or disabilities. Please take a moment to watch it.


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