Concurrent Session During the Summer Institute for Educators at Landmark College

How to Create Space for Neurodivergent Learners Active learning, collaboration, inquiry-based activities, and open design with classroom neighborhoods have replaced dusty library stacks, rows of forward-facing desks, and dog-eared textbooks. While this has been beautiful for many students, these changes come with new challenges for many neurodivergent learners. Classrooms have become so...

The 9th Annual CAST UDL Symposium: Through the Lens of UDL

I will be presenting in-person at the 9th Annual CAST UDL Symposium at the Westin Denver Downtown in Colorado. Dates Monday, July 31 – Tuesday, August 1, 2023 How are you addressing the Symposium theme, UDL as the Lens? Many people underestimate the role that internalized shame plays in Neurodivergent...

The Global Disruption Summit

Understanding and Promoting Human Rights for Neurodivergent People Kelly Cray is a Neurodivergent educator and the founder of The Autist Educator, as well as a full-time English Language Development instructor at Burr and Burton Academy. She holds a BS in Communications, is TESOL Certified, and is currently finishing her capstone...

Looking to transform your workplace or school into a neuroinclusive place?

Neuromancer Tour (2023)

The Neuromancer Tour of 2023 seeks to spread awareness about Neurodivergent rights.  Are you along our route?  Help us spread awareness!

Attn: Community Centers, Libraries, Schools, and other Non-Profits

Help us spread awareness about Neurodivergent Rights.  I will be happy to put on a presentation for your community.  Although I am not charging a fee for this tour, any donations to help finance the trip in order to help spread this message are greatly appreciated.  My husband and I are financing the vast majority of this trip out of pocket.


Thank you!