Sometimes I cannot fathom why people think there is no longer a stigma associated with Autism, ADHD, and other forms of Neurodivergence.  There is a damn good reason why many people don’t read up or research their own brains.  It’s depressing as hell.  Exhibit one: I am scheduled to present about Neurodiversity at a conference soon, so I began putting together my presentation… I wanted to use icons and pictures licensed through a popular program to avoid worrying about copyright.  Now, I don’t look down on people with crossed eyes or people who have Down Syndrome, but their pictures do not accurately represent Autism.  I do, however, take offense to the target, puzzle piece, and frowny-face maze-mind icon; that’s just, well… ignorant and troublesome at best.  I have no idea how to think of the Picasso-like bag or the girl that is using it to do what?  Appropriate autism? and she is doing it poorly, to boot. 

Be honest.  Other than the scrabble letters (scrabble is awesome, alright), would you want any of these images to represent you? 

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