Concurrent Session During the Summer Institute for Educators at Landmark College

How to Create Space for Neurodivergent Learners

Active learning, collaboration, inquiry-based activities, and open design with classroom neighborhoods have replaced dusty library stacks, rows of forward-facing desks, and dog-eared textbooks. While this has been beautiful for many students, these changes come with new challenges for many neurodivergent learners. Classrooms have become so much more inclusive, but some modern classrooms have the potential to disable students in new and exhausting ways actively.  In this session, participants will learn how to adjust popular current approaches and designs to allow neurodivergent students to meaningfully and joyfully participate authentically.

Presented by: Kelly Cray (she/her) on June 27, 2023, Cultural and Language Support, Burr and Burton Academy; Founder of The Autist Educator